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Colligso Dashboard and Metrics ๐Ÿ“Š ๐ŸŽž๏ธ


The first thing you notice when you login into your account is the dashboard. There are various metrics (numbers) shown there. Hover over each for tooltip for explanation. Change time range on top to see the numbers for different periods.


customer dashboard

  1. Total Customers - Customers who provided email, mobile#, or other id.
  2. Reachable Customers - Customers who have opted-in for communication and are reachable by email, text (SMS), wallet marketing or other means.
  3. New Customers - Previously unseen customers
  4. Returning Customers - Customers previously seen (those who have checked in before)


The next section on dashboard show activities across all your campaigns. You can select active campaign from a dropdown to see activities related to that campaign.

Campaign Dashboard


  1. Subscribe - Customers who followed your business / subscribed for communication (text)
  2. Unsubscribe - Customers who unsubscribed for communication (email, text, ...)
  3. Delivered - Messages (email, text, ...) that were sent and did not bounce, % shows is related to messages sent (see Receive below)
  4. Open - Messages that were opened by customers (email)

Landing Page Campaign Metrics

If you have any Landing Page campaigns, following metrics are relevant.

  1. Claims - Customers who have claimed offers
  2. Redeems - Customers who have redeemed offers excluding checkin rewards
  3. Redeemed Rewards - Customers who have redeemed checkin rewards
  4. Page Views - Page view for landing page


Activities chart shows more details

  1. Receive - Messages received by customers, in other words messages sent by Colligso
  2. Bounce - Messages bounced (email, text)


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