What actions are supported by Colligso TextIn app?

Colligso TextIn app provides the following actions for integration via integration platforms like Appy Pie Connect, Integromat or Zapier.

  • Get permission for text marketing. Use this action to get opt-in in realtime such as when lead is submitted using a form, scheduling an appointment, registering an attendee for an event, creating an order on point of sale or etc. Opt-in is required for the US and Canada based customers.
  • Create Customer Use this action to import customer data into your Colligso account so that you can get permission for text marketing and then run text marketing campaigns subsequently. You can import customer data in near realtime as it is entered in a spreadsheet for example.
  • Send Message to send a text (SMS) on trigger. You can use this for Application to Person (A2P) messaging from your triggering application.

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