What is remarketing?

According to Marketing-Schools.org, remarketing is any sales and advertising strategy that maintains contact with potential customers after they visit a business. While remarketing existed prior to the Internet, its use online is increasingly common and highly effective. Remarketing consists of any marketing materials that remind people of businesses they have visited in the past, increasing the likelihood that those people will make repeat purchases.

There are many different ways to stay in contact with customers. All of the following kinds of content can be valuable remarketing materials. 

  • Newsletters
  • Special deals or coupons
  • Announcements and updates
  • Reminders

Remarketing content can be delivered using any of the channel such as

  • Email
  • SMS message
  • Digital ad
  • Social media update
  • Push notification on mobile app
  • Direct mail (USPS)

The central principle of remarketing is to maintain the attention of people who have already expressed an interest in a business, rather than just trying to raise awareness about the business. 

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