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Can I create customer segments based on their spend?

Answer is yes, provided you have integrated Colligso with an app or a platform that sends order data to your account on Colligso. Examples of apps and platforms are integrations categorized as eCommerce and Point of Sale on our integration page


How to create a spend-based segment?

Let's say you want to create a customer segment for customers who spend > $100 but less than < $500 at your business.

  • Go to Menu->Segments
  • Click New to create a new Segment. Choose types as Colligso
  • Identify your segment with Name (no spaces, no special characters) and Caption (short description)
  • In the Filters section, under Activity Filter, select total as Activity
  • Select operator more than or equal and provide transaction value in cents, i.e. 10000 for $100
  • Select AND
  • Select total as Activity again
  • Select operator less than and provide transaction value in cents, i.e. 50000 for $500
  • Click DONE (this is important)
  • Save and Activate


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