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How can I select customer segments to target for my campaign?

Colligso by default selects all reachable customers for your Site. This means, you do not need to select segments in the Targeting section of your campaign. Reachable customers are also the safest bet since Colligso has verified that you can reach them by email or text (SMS) message and these customers have not unsubscribed (or opted out). 


Colligso also provides 20+ segments based on behavior and context. For campaigns involving a blast (email or text), you can select segment(s) as following.


  • Turn on Advanced switch
  • Select Targeting
  • Select one or more segments you want to target. You can click on calculator icon to find how many entries are there in a segment. You may need to change time range. 


When the campaign is triggered, Colligso creates a set with an entry per customer and sends the message (email, text, wallet message) to the set.


Note: Segment selection for Colligso WalletIn is limited due to its unique nature of the target application.



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