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User management

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You can create users and assign them a role based on access you want to provide to them for your account. User management is available from Menu->Business->Users.

Please note the following while creating users:

  • Users cannot share an email address or a mobile#.
  • When a user is activated, an email is sent to his/her email address with instructions to complete the activation step. 
  • Valid mobile# is needed to inform the user about alerts and to carry out chats with customers.
  • For multi-site accounts, users are assigned to the site that is selected (top right) while creating the user.


Based on the type of role assigned to a user, permissions are granted to access different resources on Colligso portal. Examples of the resource are: api keys, billing, business settings, campaigns, dashboard, orders, segments, site/store settings, templates, user management, etc. Colligso account user (Business->Users) is assigned one of the following roles.  


Role ROLE_ACCOUNT_ADMIN has access to all resources on all sites. This role is typically assigned to business (business/ merchant) owner on partner platforms (Clover, Poynt, Shopify) or to the individual who signs up for a plan from Colligso website. This role is also referred as business admin.


Role ROLE_SITE_ADMIN has access to all resources of an assigned site. Selected or default site is assigned to a user in this role when the user is created (Business->Users->New). Users in ROLE_ACCOUNT_ADMIN can create users in ROLE_SITE_ADMIN.  


Role ROLE_ACCOUNT_USER has access to all resources needed to create and modify campaigns. This role can not activate, deactivate or delete campaigns. It does not have access to api keys, billing, segment management and user management. Users in ROLE_ACCOUNT_ADMIN and ROLE_SITE_ADMIN can create users in ROLE_ACCOUNT_USER.   

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