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How can I create a Wallet Pass campaign? 🎞️


WalletIn makes it easy for you to create your first pass campaign for mobile wallet by generating the following artifacts. 

  1. One Pass Template each for Apple Wallet and Google Wallet
  2. One Pass Campaign each for Apple Wallet and Google Wallet. Pass Campaign uses a Pass Template.

Modify Pass Templates

  1. Modify generated Pass Templates (Menu->Templates->Pass Templates). These templates are used in the default Apple Wallet and Google Wallet campaigns. 
  2. See How can I change logo and logo text for a Pass template? to find where data elements for a pass are populated from. Also, note that passes in Apple Wallet and Google Wallet provide Geo-fenced targeting. Geo fence is configured from Site or Business location.
  3. After modifications, activate the templates.

You can also create your own pass templates by cloning the generated ones but then don't forget use your templates by to selecting them in your Pass campaigns.

Modify Apple Wallet/Google Wallet campaigns

WalletIn by default provides one Apple Wallet and a Google Wallet campaign each out of the box. These campaigns (Menu->Campaigns) are used to facilitate the first download of a pass by a customer. In other words, these campaigns are used when a pass is downloaded by your customer for the first time. The Campaign Ids for these campaigns are:

  1. welcome_pass_apple
  2. welcome_pass_google

You want to only modify these campaigns. DO NOT change the Campaign Ids. DO NOT delete these campaigns.

  1. Modify the generated Apple Wallet/Google Wallet campaigns (Menu->Campaigns) to customize your message and instructions on passes.
  2. Use Preview ?️ from the campaign page to check how your pass would look. 
  3. Save and Activate these two campaigns.



Downloading Passes

Head to the help article How can my customers download their passes? to find how you can enable customers to download their passes.

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