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How can my customers download their passes?

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There are a couple of ways in which you can send pass download link to your customers.


If you signed up for WalletIn from Colligso, use the following approach. This approach is applicable everywhere including in the USA.

  1. Activate a pre-built campaign to inform customers to download pass via email.
    • Go to Campaigsn (Menu->Campaigns->All).
    • Edit the campaign whose name starts with "email_pass_download". This campaign uses a pre-configured email template for easy pass download instructions.
    • Set up schedule, change targeting (if needed).
    • Save and Activate the campaign. 
  2. If you have integrated WalletIn with your frontend app using Make (fka Integromat) or Zapier, you can send pass download instructions as soon as customer data with email address is captured in your frontend app. To find or create integration, check out the following screencast.

Text (SMS) 

If you installed WalletIn from Clover, you can use the following approach. This approach is applicable in USA only.

  1. As customer's mobile# is entered at point of sale, s/he is notified using text message with instructions to download pass.

  2. Inform customers (by payment receipt, social media, email, QR code etc.) to send keyword PASS to your Site SMS# in order to receive instructions to download their passes.



Apple Wallet


Apple Wallet 


Google Wallet

Google Wallet

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