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How can I correct the phone number in the text footer?

Business phone number, name, etc. added in footer of every outgoing text (sms) message is retrieved from your Site and Business Settings in that order. If you see incorrect phone number, you can correct it as following.

  • Select Menu->Business->Sites
  • Select the site for which the number is incorrect.
  • Deactivate the site. Do NOT deactivate campaigns, segments and transmitters for this action.
  • Click Edit and select Contacts and Location.
  • Change the Phone field (Do NOT change SMS# field). Format supported in E.164 format starting with +1 for US and then 10 digit number without spaces or any special chars. Example +14085551212.
  • Save the site and Activate. Since you did not deactivate campaigns, segments and transmitters, deselect all those while activating the site.


You can change Business Settings in similar fashion by selecting Menu->Business->Settings->Contacts and Location. 


That's it!


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