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Register text campaigns with the Campaign Registry (TCR)

The Campaign Registry (TCR) requires businesses to register their text campaigns in order to send high throughput SMS messages over 10DLC route. 


Successful registration of your business is required before registering any Text or Text Hashtag campaign. Campaigns can only be registered on successful business registration. At the time of campaign registration, information provided during the business registration is used. 

Campaign Registration

On successful registration of your business, Colligso automatically registers a default campaign named checkin (use case: Low Volume) for mobile opt-in and order notification messages for your business so you do not have to. However, you will still need to register every Text or Text Hashtag campaign yourself.

Follow the steps described below to register a Text or Text Hashtag campaign. 

  1. Open the saved campaign. Verify your text message and image before taking the next step. Once registered, you cannot change the campaign message or the image (if applicable). Make changes if required at this time. 
  2. Click on Register action to register the campaign.
  3. Wait for the campaign to be approved by TCR and DCA(s)*. Look for an email notification from Team Colligso providing the campaign status. Emails are sent to both the campaign author and the business admin
  4. Once your campaign is approved, the Activate action on your campaign would be enabled and TCR-assigned campaign ID would be associated with your campaign. Activate the campaign. Without activation, messages won't be delivered. (April 2023: the approval from DCA takes up to a week)
  5. If for some reasons, the campaign is not approved, Colligso would include the reason in the email notification. Fix the issues cited. Use Nudge action to nudge the TCR ecosystem to re-review your campaign.

Common reasons for rejection

  1. Business website lacks privacy policy describing how collected mobile number is used
  2. Business website without Terms and Conditions 
  3. Violation of text messaging content guidelines

Register early

Since you cannot change the campaign message after registration with TCR, we recommend registering Text campaigns days in advance before you want the campaign to execute (April 2023: the approval from DCA takes up to a week). Earlier the better. 

campaign sharing

Each CSP is required to share every registered campaign with an upstream Connectivity Partner (CNP) such as another CSP or DCA(s). DCAs have the ultimate responsibility to approve every 10DLC campaign submission for compliance. TCR ecosystem partners often look at business website for terms and conditions and privacy policy and other business information before approving campaigns. So, please make sure you have these on your website.

Following diagram describes the general sequence of actions.


Please note the following.

  1. Business and business admin information registered while registering the brand are used while registering each campaign. 
  2. If business is registered as charity (not for profit), all the campaigns would be registered for the Charity use case automatically. Otherwise, Colligso assigns the use case Mixed for all Text campaigns by default.
  3. If campaign schedule is recurring, Colligso enables auto renewal during the registration.
  4. Deactivate and Unregister campaigns once executed to avoid unnecessary recurring fees from the TCR.


Following describes the fees charged by TCR to Colligso for each campaign registration as of 2023. All fees are passed as-is** to the business by Colligso and are non-refundable.

Campaign registration fees

Campaign registration fees vary based on the type of use case. For more details about use cases, see Text Campaign Use Cases.

  • Low Volume Mixed: $1.50 monthly recurring charge
  • Mixed : $10 monthly recurring charge
  • Charity : $3 monthly recurring charge 
  • Sole Proprietor : $2.00 monthly recurring charge

Minimum commitment

TCR requires a minimum 3 month initial commitment for every registered campaign. Even if you deactivate/ delete a campaign prior to the end of the initial 3 months, TCR still bills for the remaining minimum commitment. Therefore, Colligso will collect fees for 3 months at the time of successful registration of a campaign (starting May 20, 2023). Also, in order to avoid subsequent (after 3 months) monthly charges for the campaigns, we RECOMMEND deactivating the campaigns once they are executed, deleting of campaign is not necessary, in fact it is good to keep campaigns undeleted for records.  


  1. TCR's collection of the campaign registration fees is independent of the approval of the campaign by upstream CNPs such as DCA. In other words, TCR collects registration fees even if DCA may not approve the campaign!
  2. **Registration fees for the accounts created by our apps on platforms such as Clover would be higher than listed in this article in order to account for the App Market fees (Clover 30%, Square 20%) applied on each transaction made by an app

Message cost for unregistered campaigns

Colligso will pass additional surcharges applied by mobile wireless carriers to businesses using text messaging without successfully registered campaigns (including the default campaign). 

Take action now, register your business, avoid surcharges!

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