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Text Campaign Use Cases

Colligso supports many use cases for text-based (SMS) customer engagement. These use cases are automatically determined at the time of campaign registration based on the type of brand (charity, private company, sole proprietor, etc.) registering the campaign and the type of campaign (opt-in, order notification, text hashtag campaign, text marketing, etc.) being registered.

For Text campaigns, Colligso uses Mixed as the main use case with Customer Care and Marketing as additional sub use cases. 






Account Notifications


Standard notifications for account holders, relating to and being about an account


Customer Care


All customer care interaction, including but not limited to account management and customer support


Delivery Notifications


Notification about the status of the delivery of a product or service


Low Volume Mixed


For Brands that have multiple use cases and only need very low messaging throughput. Examples include: test or demo accounts, small businesses (single Doctor's office, single Pizza shop etc)




Any communication that includes marketing and/or promotional content




Any messaging campaign containing 2 to 5 standard uses cases.




Communications from a registered charity aimed at providing help and raising money for those in need. 501c3 Tax-Exempt Organizations only. 


Sole Proprietor


Limited to entities without a EIN / Tax ID, requires separate contract. 



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