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How can I turn off mobile opt-in of TextIn?

For Colligso TextIn, mobile opt-in is enabled by default. When a customer's mobile number is added on a customer management module in merchant's account of any partner platform (Clover, Poynt, Square, Shopify, Vend, etc.) or via integration (Zapier, Make, AppyPie, etc.), TextIn sends a text message asking the customer to FOLLOW the merchant's business. We call this the Mobile Opt-in protocol. There are many advantages of this approach.

  1. Merchant's staff does not have to ask customer's to opt-in
  2. Opt-in permission is provided in writing from customer's own device
  3. This pro-active approach helps the merchant to reach out to customers via Text campaigns with confidence since customers targeted have opted in 

There may be cases where merchant may not want to send such a message for various reasons such as: merchant has already captured customer's permission in writing previously before switching to TextIn or merchant has captured permissions by some other means such as web forms, hand-written forms, written note, etc.

Merchant should follow the following steps to turn off the mobile opt-in messages. We would once again encourage you to check out the best practices for opt-in and opt-out for text messaging before you turn off mobile-optin.

  1. Login to your account 
  2. Select Menu->Business->Sites
  3. Select your site and Deactivate it (no need to deactivate campaigns, segments and transmitters)
  4. Uncheck the "Mobile Opt-In" checkbox
  5. Save and Activate (no need to activate campaigns, segments and transmitters since those were not deactivated earlier)


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