How can I notify or page a customer when order is ready using Square? 🎞️


Square Order Notification


It is easy to page or notify a customer via text (SMS) message notification when order is fulfilled. You can use Square's free Ordering module with Colligso TextIn running in the cloud to achieve this. Your staff does not have to learn any new app.


This article describes both the one time setup and provides instructions to follow for every customer order.




1. Install Colligso TextIn on Square


Set up

1. On Square, turn on pickup as shown below.

You can use pickup with one or more locations. Business information from your Square account is automatically synced to the pickup settings, and you can set up each location individually.


To set up pickup for your business:

  • Go to your Square Online Overview page.
  • Under Fulfillment, select Pickup & Delivery.
  • Choose the location where you want to offer pickup and click Set up location.
  • For “Do you want to offer pickup?”, select Yes Note: If you have multiple sites, you can select which sites will show your location.
  • Click Continue.
  • Choose if you want Square to calculate and assign pickup times automaticallyIf you select Yes, Square will calculate a pickup date and time to show buyers during checkout based on your settings. If you select No, you can create a custom message and instructions for customers about their pickup.


2. On Colligso


Follow instructions provided on Helpdesk article How can I enable order notification? to set up order notification on your Colligso account.




On Square for Delivery, Pickup and Curbside orders, following are the general steps.

  • From the navigation bar, tap ≡ More.
  • Tap Orders to see each order listed, along with the time elapsed since the original order was placed.
  • You can search by customer contact information (name, phone number or email address), order ID or use the filters to view Active, Completed or All Orders. For more targeted results, sort by the order or fulfillment date. Once you’re ready, select an order.
  • If you’re ready for your customer to pick up an order, select Mark as Ready. Once you mark the order as ready, TextIn sends a text message to the customer phone# entered at the time of checkout.
  • Once your customer picks up their item(s), locate the order and select Mark Picked Up.


Following screencast from Square shows how to mark orders as ready.



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